Which wire shall I cut, red or blue? Oh man, OH BOY! I’m sure you’ve felt like this more than once when you had to work on a CRM or advertising campaign. Which button was it? Which section? What the hell is this?

In the movies, when the superhero, or future corpse, is debating whether to cut one wire or the other of the bomb right in front of him, he is alone. Trying to remember what he learnt from the subject How to deactivate a bomb 101 from the course Be Your Own EOD Soldier. The poor fellow sweats like a beast until he makes a decision.

Wanna Sherpa wants to be your lifeline; to be accurate the “phone a friend” one. We want to be on the other end to tell you to cut the blue wire, we’ve already hung up the clothes from the washing machine, we’ve already taken the dog out, and your mother called so you can pick up the leftovers from last night’s Sunday dinner later on. Everything is going well. Breathe.

So let’s take you by the hand and lead you through the wonderful world of Facebook. We’re going to look at how to request access to a Facebook Page and set up a Business Manager account, an Ads account and a Facebook Page. There’s still one more lifeline to use, though, in case you panic, but I’ll tell you about that later. Let’s get started.

Facebook access to your agency

This section is for clients who want to give an external marketing agency, such as Wanna Sherpa, access to your company’s Facebook page. To use this method, the marketing agency must first request access to the page.

First, you will need to log in to your Facebook account and then go to your company page. If you are doing this on your mobile phone while reading this article, bad idea. Do it all from a computer.

Once you’ve selected your business page, you’ll see a sidebar on the left that says “Manage Page”.

Scroll to the bottom, until you see the “Settings” option and select it.

It will now appear as “Page Settings”. Scroll down to the “Page Roles” option. Once you have selected this option you will see that all the content on the right hand side will change and update to show the heading “Page Roles”. All good? OK, let’s move on.

Switch to the right hand side of the screen and at the bottom you will see the “Pending Membership Requests” section. When you click, you should see the logo of the company that wants to manage your page, hopefully Wanna Sherpa, with the option “Reply to request”. Click on this button.

You should see a pop-up window that says something like “a business account requested access to your page”. Scroll down until you see the option to continue.

Another pop-up window will appear with a breakdown of the choices we can make. At the bottom you will find the much-desired “Accept request”. Once you have selected it, that’s it. Put your seat in the resting position and let yourself be carried by the strong and safe arms of our experienced Sherpas.

Upgrade your account to Facebook Business Manager

If we’re talking about business, it’s time for Business Manager. You must update your Facebook page as a business page for the simple reason that Facebook penalizes, and can even close, those personal pages that actually work as a company. Personal pages are for people and business pages are for companies. 

In addition, you should know that when you change an account to Business, you will not be able to revert the action. A person can switch to business but a business can’t do it into person.

You will need a personal Facebook page to confirm your identity when setting up the account. Facebook Business Manager allows multiple users to manage one page, Instagram account or advertising account. This is the easiest way to manage your advertising on Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Ad Account Settings

In Business Manager, you can add ad accounts owned by you, or others.

If you go to the business settings, under the Ad Accounts section you can see if it’s set up for your business, owned or owned by another business or person with their name on it. If you are the owner, it will not show you any additional information.

You can filter these options by advertising for yourself, a partner, owned by yourself or a partner, active, disabled or closed.

There are 3 ways to add an advertising account to your Business Manager;

  • Add an advertising account: Remember that in order to do this, you must be the owner of the account and an administrator in the Business Manager. Once you add the account and it is part of your Business Manager, you will not be able to revert the action. You also cannot add an account that is owned by another Business Manager. But if you want to work on an advertising account that belongs to another company, you can request it.
  • Request access to an advertising account: Upon request, the administrator can grant you access to work on that account.
  • Create a new advertising account: If you create a new advertising account in the Administrator, it will permanently belong to that administrator. Once created, the account cannot be transferred to another owner who does not have a Business Manager account.

Adding an advertising account in Business Manager

Once you have selected the business you want to advertise with, select “Accounts” from the menu on the left and then “Ad Accounts”. Click on the blue “Add” drop down menu. Choose one of the options: “Add an ad account”, “Request access to an ad account” or “Create a new ad account”.

If you have selected the first or second option, enter the advertising account ID and select people and access levels.

Troubleshooting advertising accounts on Facebook

You cannot add an advertising account in the Business Manager if:

-The ad account you are trying to add has already been added by another business. Only one person can own each advertising account. However, you can request access to the advertising account from the current owner.

-You have already added a personal ad account to Business Manager. On Facebook, you can only add an account from your personal account to Business Manager. To fix this, create a new ad account in Business Manager or request access to another Facebook ad account.

-You have reached your ad account limit. Your ad account limit increases based on your ad spend.

-The ad account is prepaid. You can only add prepaid ad accounts in certain locations.

Facebook account access levels

  1. Analyst: Allows you to view and report on ads, but you cannot make changes to your account.
  2. Advertiser: At this level, you can create and edit new ads, access reports, and view ads.
  3. Moderator: You have access to respond to messages, community activity, announcements and information.
  4. Editor: You have full access to Facebook with partial control.
  5. Administrator: This is the top level. In addition to the above, you can change payment methods and “manage admin rights”, i.e. add and remove users.

Facebook Page access

Requesting access to the page

Select “Company Settings” from the Business Manager menu.

In the left menu go to “Accounts” and select “Pages”. In the Add Menu you will see, select “Request access to a page” and click “Request access” after entering the name or URL of the Facebook Page. This will generate a request so that you can continue to complete the procedure.

Access the page via email address

Within Business Manager, go to “Company Settings”. Then under “Users” go to “People” and select the blue Add button from the drop down menu. After entering your email address, click “Next” and select your company’s position.

Choose which page you want to give access to in addition to the level. To invite someone, select “Invite”.

Accessing Facebook Ad Accounts

Assigning access to an ad account

In Business Settings, go to “People” or “Partners” depending on whether you are adding a partner agency or individuals. From the “Add” menu select “Ask a partner to share their assets”. After selecting “Get started” fill in all the information.

Granting access to a single user is exactly the same as granting access to a Facebook page. Go back to “Users” and select “People”.

To add a new element, click on the blue “Add” button and type in the email with its range. Click “Next” to select the page and its login.

Requesting access to an advertising account

Within Business Manager, go to “Accounts”, then “Ad Accounts” and click on the now famous blue “Add” button. Then select from the drop down menu “Request access to an ad account”.

Now the chain begins; you must enter the ID of the ad account. To find out, you have to look at the “Account Number” information in “Ad Manager”. Of course, to get there, someone has to give you access by accepting your request. Otherwise, it’s going to be complicated.

And that’s the end of it.

If at this point and after several readings, you still have doubts, cold sweats and bad body, I’m going to give you your last lifeline; Call us! Stop reading and get in touch with us so we can do what we do best; take care of you, your business and your investment.