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How do we work on Web positioning?

Whether you are a small business oriented to local sales or an international company, our SEO agency will take care of creating an attractive website for Google, taking into account the main factors, web architecture, indexing, crawl budget, revising the content to make it interesting for users and Googlebot. In addition, we will work on improving the authority of your page every day thanks to quality backlinks generated one by one and the optimisation of the internal link architecture.

Our SEO agency works on organic results using the best premium tools on the market to ensure that your website achieves the highest visibility in Google searches.

At Wanna Sherpa we have numerous success stories as an SEO positioning agency, both at international and local SEO level.

  • We audit your website

  • We analyse your business, its sector, your competition on search engines and your target audience.

  • We develop your SEO strategy

  • We execute the actions of the positioning strategy

  • We monitor developments on a daily basis and report to you monthly.

  • We optimise month by month on the results obtained

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Frequently asked questions

What is SEO and why do I need it for my business?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization – and what is a search engine? A searcher such as Google, Yahoo, Bing…

According to Wikipedia, search engine optimisation, search engine optimisation or web optimisation is the technical process by which changes are made to the structure and information of a web page, with the aim of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines. It is very common to find the English initials when we refer to it; SEO.

Webmasters and content providers began optimising websites for search engines in the mid-1990s, as soon as search engines began to catalogue the early Internet. Initially, sites such as Yahoo! offered inclusion to sites that requested manual indexing of their own accord.

SEO is one of the digital marketing “disciplines” that has changed the most in recent years as a result of the different changes that Google has been introducing to try to make its search engine results as natural or organic (as they are known in the sector) as possible. Although there are thousands of factors on which a search engine is based to position one page or another, it could be said that there are two basic factors: authority and relevance.

Authority is basically the popularity of a website, the more popular a page or website is the more valuable the information it contains. This factor is the one that a search engine takes most into account since it is based on the user’s own experience, the more a piece of content is shared, the more users have found it useful.

Relevance is the relationship a page has to a given search, this is not simply that a page contains a lot of times the search term (in the early days it did) but a search engine relies on hundreds of on-site factors to determine this.

SEO On-site

On-site SEO is concerned with relevance, making sure that the website is optimised so that the search engine understands the main thing, which is the content of the website. On-site SEO includes keyword optimisation, load time, user experience, code optimisation and URL formatting.

SEO Off-site

Off-site SEO is the part of SEO work that focuses on external factors to the website we are working on. The most important factors in off-site SEO are the number and quality of links, social media presence, mentions in local media, brand authority and performance in search results, that is, the CTR of our results in a search engine. I’m sure you’re thinking that this is all fine and  it is very interesting but you’re here to find out why you need SEO on your website and what benefits you will get if you integrate it into your online strategy.

SEO can be differentiated by whether or not we follow the “recommendations” of the search engine:

For example, Black Hat is the attempt to improve the search engine ranking of a website by using unethical techniques or techniques that contradict the search engine’s guidelines. Examples of Black Hat SEO are Cloaking, Spinning, SPAM in forums and blog comments, or Keyword Stuffing.

Black Hat may provide short-term benefits, but it is generally a risky strategy that is not sustainable in the long term and does not provide value.

White Hat SEO:

It consists of all those actions that are ethically correct and comply with search engine guidelines in order to position a website in search results. Given that search engines give greater importance to the pages that best respond to a user’s search, white hat comprises the techniques that seek to make a page more relevant to search engines by providing value for its users.

Why is SEO important?

The most important reason why SEO is necessary is because it makes your website more useful to both users and search engines, although search engines are becoming more sophisticated every day, they still cannot see a website like a human can. SEO is necessary to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful to users. Therefore, if you want to have a presence for your business you need to contact an SEO agency in Malaga.

How do search engines work?

A search engine crawls the web with what are called bots, these bots crawl through all the pages via links (hence the importance of a good link structure) just as any user would do when browsing web content, they move from link to link and collect data about those web pages which they provide to their servers. The crawling process starts with a list of web addresses from previous crawls and sitemaps provided by other websites. Once these websites are accessed, the bots look for links to other websites to visit. The bots are particularly attracted to new sites and changes to existing sites.

It is the bots themselves that decide which pages to visit, how often and how long they will crawl that website, so it is important to have an optimal loading time and up-to-date content.

It is very common in web development to restrict the crawling of certain pages or content to prevent them from appearing in search results. This can be done by telling search engine bots not to crawl certain pages via the “robots.txt” file.


Once a bot has crawled a web page and gathered the necessary information, these pages are included in an index where they are sorted according to their content, authority and relevance; this way, when we make a query, the search engine will find it much easier to show us the results that are most related to our query.

Our SEO agency in Malaga has the knowledge necessary for your company to appear in the top positions of Google.

We would love to hear from you to discuss your SEO goals.

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