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At Wanna Sherpa, as a social media agency in Málaga, we know that social media management has become an essential aspect in any digital marketing strategy. We define a social media strategy for the growth of your business.

We will analyse the situation of your social profiles and establish a clear strategy, defining not only in which social networks we should carry out the social media strategy, but also to be clear about our objectives. With this, we will help you reach your potential customers through the creation of relevant content.

We have the necessary knowledge in social media management tools to increase the profitability of your business.

Advertising on social networks is one of the means by which to get more leads or sales at the best price. We specialize in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads, the tool to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms allow us to create a highly segmented advertising message towards the target audience that most interests the objectives of your company.

What is a social media strategy and why do I need it for my company?

What is a social media strategy and why do I need it for my company?

A social media strategy defines how your organization will use social media management to achieve its communication objectives and the support platform and the tools it will use to achieve it. On a basic level, it is a simple statement of intent, describing the objectives for the use of social networks and the results you want to achieve.

This must be done in the context of the digital marketing and communication plan so that social networks are not isolated. The objective with this is to publish contents that work in parallel with other media. A social media agency helps you in the creation and correct implementation of the digital marketing plan in the social media realm. If you are a company that cares about your presence in social networks, we help you both in the strategy and in the management of social networks.

Social networks continue to grow rapidly

  • The number of Internet users worldwide in 2019 is 4.388 billion, 9.1% more than the previous year
  • The number of social network users worldwide in 2019 is 3.484 billion, 9% more than the previous year
  • • The number of mobile phone users in 2019 is 5.112 billion, 2% more than the previous year. In addition, 52% of the population access their favourite content and browse with their smart phones

Facebook is still a leader

It is the most used social network by Internet users every year. This year, they have tracked 141 million more monthly users than in 2018, reaching 2.271 billion MAU.

YouTube continues to grow, and increasingly more rapidly

Thanks to Youtubers, this social network has been increasing its users little by little, reaching, in 2019, 1.8 billion monthly active users. What this means is that there are 300 million more monthly users compared to the previous year.

Instagram has finally arrived

Instagram ranks as the third social network to get one billion monthly active users. It is not a meagre figure, and it is quite an achievement. Without a doubt, stories, Instagram Shopping, and updates are the three great advances that have made users grow in number.

Ok, social networks are important. How do I take advantage of them?

Creating a targeted social media strategy will help you focus on using the most relevant platforms to connect with new and existing customers and avoid simply adding noise to the network of networks.

Buying decisions are influenced by social networks

If the first era of the social phenomenon was the creation of audience and commitment, the current era focuses on commerce and personalization. All major platforms have invested heavily in their advertising solutions to attract marketers with the promise of improving APIs and smart targeting, including the ability to upload email lists for running customized remarketing campaigns.

For example, through the Facebook API, marketers can:

  • Manage audience data for a personalized audience
  • Create campaigns and ads
  • Build custom panels and run analysis
  • Manage campaign assets: pages, accounts, etc.

Without a clear strategy, how do you know what role these networks can and should play in the purchasing cycles of your customers? How do you know that you are not losing potential sales, or trying to sell to people who do not want to be sold to?

The lack of a strategy gives your competitors an advantage

It is uncommon to find an organization without a social presence and, increasingly, companies develop clear social strategies aligned with their business objectives.

An organization that markets through social networks with a strategy has a framework through which to plan, prioritize, execute, measure, and optimize. This will generally lead to better results, because the activity has a direction and a goal, even if they need to evolve and change as the marketing department learns from real data.

If you invest in a social presence without a clear strategy, you will not know if your campaigns are successful or not. For example, if you simply publish content to appear active, how do you know that the content is contributing positively to the business?

Without a structured approach to communication and measurement, we run the risk of losing resources and opportunities in undirected activities. Meanwhile, our smartest competitors will work better to attract customers based on clear goals and objectives.

Your clients in social networks

Mobile technology and social networks have combined to provide an environment in which people can access, use, and share information however they prefer.

It is likely that some of your potential customers may want to obtain information about you or your company through a social network. That does not mean that we have to ignore the traditional forms of contact or customer service; we should use all the opportunities that the internet offers us today to grow our business.

You need a strategy. Deciding how we connect with our customers is not a technical decision; it requires strategic thinking. Social needs must be aligned with the other communication channels so that their function is defined and understood, and there are processes and tools to deal with this demand.

There are key influencers in each social network

Do not underestimate the power of peer recommendations and/or influencers. Neither should you confuse visibility with influence. Today, we are witnessing a time when many people are able to achieve high levels of visibility on the Internet, which does not necessarily mean that they can influence a community.

Even so, there has always been purchasing influence through word of mouth. Feedback from another customer has always been seen as a source of trust. Expert support also increases the credibility of the brand. For example, in highly specialized technology markets, expert opinions are highly sought after and can make or break products.

Social media channels have influencers, from people known to the general public as self-made stars and social gurus, like YouTubers.

You can take advantage of these influencers to reach a wide audience or a niche market with someone who is connected to the community and enjoys the credibility, which allows you to quickly reach high levels of visibility and a positive attitude towards your brand.

Reputations can be improved or destroyed in social networks

Brand and reputation management is often considered a business problem. But in the era of social networks, companies of all sizes feel the impact of online comments and reviews.

Positive reviews and trend mentions can work wonders for a small business, while a reputation can be negativity dragged down for lack of a clear strategy.

We define a social media strategy (organic and/or PPC) for your business to grow.

We are more than happy to discuss the social media platforms that best suit your company’s objectives, what hurdles to surpass in the near future, and how quickly we expect you to reach your growth goals. Our services allow you to take each platform as you need it, in case you have to go “step-by-step”.

We understand your needs

We analyse your business, your sector, your competence in social networks, and your target audience

We develop your social media strategy

We implement the strategy in phases

We monitor the evolution day-by-day and we report monthly

We optimize monthly based on the results obtained

We manage your Paid Media strategy and campaigns in Social Networks


We use Facebook’s powerful pixels to leverage the data of existing customers and website visitors to reach them again, or find new customers based on your existing customers’ data.
Reach the customers you want with the super specific interests of Facebook and its demographic options. Since the orientation is so precise, each audience receives announcements related to what really interests them without actively seeking it.


As the second largest search engine, which has four billion video views worldwide every day, YouTube provides an effective and low-cost advertising platform to show your brand’s videos to a large audience.

To ensure that your ads reach the relevant user, we can target users with a combination of options, including: behaviour, interests, prior participation, location, and keywords.


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with 800 million active users per month, and is quickly becoming the reference for advertising space; Especially for young people 18-30 years old.

Mobile devices are essential today for making purchases and the maintaining the commitment of the potential buyer. It is essential that companies begin to promote and develop a presence among mobile phone users, and Instagram is a great tool for this.


LinkedIn is the largest audience of business professionals in the world. By promoting your company on LinkedIn, we can help you build your brand, create brand awareness, and generate quality leads. This is an excellent option for generating B2B leads.

We will address your specific customers precisely by job title, company, industry, seniority, and more, using the most relevant and attractive ads.


Twitter is where people connect with their passions, share their opinions, and discover what is happening in the world right now. Because people have a mind-set of discovery when they are on Twitter, they are open to interacting with new businesses and new people.

We will identify your target audience by the hashtags they use, the keywords they tweet, and the people they follow to accurately display the relevant and conversion ads.


You might not know what Tik Tok is. Surely knowing that it was the most downloaded application of 2018 helps you understand part of its relevance. It was downloaded more than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in 2018. Meet global customers in your new favourite app.

Reach your users in a fun and interactive way. Capture the elusive centennials or take advantage of the excellent opportunity offered by this platform to reach the huge Chinese market and expand your business in Asia.

We would love to hear from you to talk about your Social Media goals.

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