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Put your company’s social media in the hands of experienced professionals.

At Wanna Sherpa, as a social media agency, we know that social media management has become an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy. We define a social media strategy for the growth of your business.

We will analyse the situation of your social profiles and establish a clear strategy based on your objectives. This will help you reach your potential customers through the creation of relevant content and/or PPC campaigns.

We have the necessary knowledge in social media management tools to increase the profitability of your business.

Advertising on social networks is one of the ways to get more leads or sales at the best cost. We are specialists in Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter and Linkedin Ads. These platforms allow us to create a highly segmented advertising message to the target audience that is most relevant to your company’s objectives.


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Frequently asked questions 


What is a social media strategy and why do I need a social media agency for my business?

A social media strategy defines how your organisation will use social media management to achieve its communication objectives and the supporting platform and tools it will use to do so. At a basic level, it is a simple statement of intent, outlining the objectives for your use of social media and the results you want to achieve.

This should be done in the context of the digital marketing and communication plan so that social media is not isolated. The aim with this is to publish content that works in parallel with other channels. Our social media agency in Malaga will help you in the creation and correct implementation of the digital marketing plan in the social media portion. If you are a company that cares about its social media presence, we can help you with both the strategy and the management of social media.

The social network continues to grow rapidly

  • El número de usuarios de Internet en todo el mundo en 2019 es de 4.388 millones, un 9,1% más que el año anterior.
  • El número de usuarios de redes sociales en todo el mundo en 2019 es de 3.484 millones, un 9% más que el año anterior.
  • El número de usuarios de teléfonos móviles en 2019 es de 5.112 millones, un 2% más que el año anterior. Además, el 52% de la población accede a sus contenidos favoritos y navega por medio de su smartphone.

Facebook sigue siendo líder

La red social más usada por los internautas durante todos los años. Este año remonta en 141 millones de usuarios mensuales más que en 2018, llegando a los 2.271 millones de MAU.

YouTube sigue creciendo y cada vez más

Gracias a los Youtubers, esta red social ha ido aumentando sus usuarios poco a poco, llegando, este 2019 a alcanzar los 1.800 millones de usuarios activos mensuales. Lo que estamos hablando que ha conseguido 300 millones usuarios mensuales más con respecto al año anterior.

Instagram por fin ha llegado

Instagram se coloca como la tercera red social en conseguir el billón de usuarios activos mensuales. No es una cifra ni mucho menos pequeña y es todo un logro. Sin ninguna duda, los stories, el Instagram Shopping y las actualizaciones, son los tres grandes avances que le han hecho aumentar los usuarios.

Ok, social media is important, how do I make the most of it?

Creating a good social media strategy and management for your Malaga business will help you focus on using the most relevant platforms to connect with new and existing customers and avoid simply adding noise to the social media network.

Purchasing decisions are influenced by social networks

If the first era of social was about audience building and engagement, the current era is focused on commerce and personalisation. All the major platforms have invested heavily in their advertising solutions to attract marketers with the promise of improved APIs and intelligent targeting, including the ability to upload email lists to run personalised remarketing campaigns.

For example, through our Social Media agency in Malaga we have the knowledge to use the Facebook API, with which we can have access to:

  • Manage audience data for a customised audience
  • Create campaigns and advertisements
  • Build custom dashboards and run analysis
  • Manage campaign assets: pages, accounts, etc.

Without a clear strategy, how do you know what role these networks can and should play in your customers’ buying cycles? How do you know you are not losing potential sales, or trying to sell to people who are not looking to be sold to?

Lack of a strategy gives your competitors the upper hand

It is rare to find an organisation without a social presence and, increasingly, companies are developing clear social strategies aligned with business objectives.

An organisation that markets through social media with a strategy has a framework by which to plan, prioritise, execute, measure and optimise. This will generally lead to better results because the activity has a direction and a goal, even if these need to evolve and change as the marketing department learns from real data.

If you invest in a social presence without a clear strategy, you won’t know if your campaigns are successful or not. For example, if you simply post content to appear active, how do you know that the content is contributing positively to the business?

Without a structured approach to communication and measurement, we risk wasting resources and opportunities on untargeted activities. Meanwhile, our smarter competitors will work better to engage customers based on clear goals and objectives.

Your customers on social media

Mobile technology and social networking have combined to provide an environment in which people can access, use and share information in the way they prefer.

It is likely that some of your potential customers will want to get information about you or your company through a social network. That doesn’t mean that we have to ignore traditional forms of contact or customer service, use all the opportunities that the internet offers us today to grow our business.

You need good social media management for your business in Malaga and Spain. Deciding how we connect with our customers is not a technical decision, it requires strategic thinking. Social needs to be aligned with other communication channels so that their role is defined and understood, and there are processes and tools to meet this demand.

There are key influencers in every social network

Do not underestimate the power of recommendations from peers and/or influencers. Don’t confuse visibility with influence either. Today we are witnessing a time when many people are able to achieve high levels of visibility on the internet, which does not necessarily mean that they can influence a community.

Yet there has always been influence on purchasing through word of mouth. Feedback from another customer is typically seen as a source of trust. Expert endorsement also increases brand credibility. For example, in highly specialised technology markets, expert opinions are highly sought after and can make or break products.

Social media channels have influencers, whether they are people known to the general public or self-made social stars and “gurus” such as YouTubers.

You can leverage these influencers to reach a broad audience or niche market with someone who is connected to the community and has a credibility that allows you to quickly achieve high levels of visibility and a positive attitude towards your brand.

Reputations can be enhanced or destroyed on social media.

Brand and reputation management is often seen as a business problem. But in the age of social media, businesses of all sizes are feeling the impact of online comments and reviews.

Positive reviews and trending mentions can do wonders for a small business, while a reputation can be dragged down by negativity for lack of a clear strategy.


We’d love to hear from you to talk about your business objectives in Social Media.


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