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Welcome to Wanna Sherpa, the digital marketing agency in Málaga that you are looking for to boost your business. But what does Wanna Sherpa mean? “I want a Sherpa,” someone to help me climb and guide me on the best route to the top. In your case, this is the success in the sales of your product or service thanks to digital and online marketing tools.

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History of Digital Marketing

What is the difference between Wanna Sherpa and other digital marketing agencies in Malaga?

Why choose Wanna Sherpa for my digital marketing strategy?

History of Digital Marketing

Not so long ago, in the 1950s, consumers were at the mercy of advertisers who sent them marketing messages through different media. The 1950s could be called the advertiser’s dream decade, especially in the United States, where advertising enjoyed a revolution. World War II was over, the post-war economy had recovered, and prosperity was taken for granted. In this environment, Americans were ready to buy houses, cars, clothes, and any product that would reinforce their lifestyles. Of course, advertisers were willing to sell all these products. To do it, this time, they had a more powerful tool than printed ads: television. It was not the only media; they also had press, radio, billboards, print… in which advertising was mainly a one-way conversation from the advertiser to a captive audience.


With the explosion of digital media, people began to interact in new ways with each other, and also with the companies making their transactions. The importance of print media has been declining since then, giving way to digital media that have opened their doors to consumers. Today, there are no passive consumers or brand monologues. Today, consumers are also authorized consultants and critics. The online panorama is participatory, a framework where consumers exchange ideas. Marketing specialists no longer drive the discussion. Every day, consumers around the world are creators of product reviews, specialized opinions, debates, and even trends.

For marketing specialists trying to compete in these new digital media, it is incredibly difficult to show their content above the noise generated by the millions of conversations we find on the internet. Because, while it’s true that the amount of time consumers spend on the internet and mobile devices has increased dramatically, it is also true that the amount of content available has increased exponentially. More digital content is created in a day than most people could consume in a year. With so many options, our audience has a very short attention span.

Digital marketing today

Marketing specialists face new challenges in the digital market. But we also have the opportunity to create communications, personalized content, and relevant content marketing to develop deep relationships with customers based on continuous interactions.

Who is using online marketing?

From content optimization to offer customization and media relationship management, companies in all industries are using digital marketing to improve their customer experience and advance the purchasing cycle.

How digital marketing works

Digital marketing and its associated channels are important, but not to the exclusion of everything else. It is not enough to just know your customers; you must know them better than anyone to be able to communicate with them where, when, and how they are more receptive to your message.

To do that, you need a clear vision of customer preferences and expectations in all media: web, social networks, mobile devices, email, etc. Marketing specialists can use the information provided by the different tools available to create and anticipate experiences of coherent and coordinated customers that will make them move forward in the purchasing cycle. The deeper the knowledge of your customers about their behaviour and above all else, their preferences, the more likely they are to buy your product or service.

What is needed to do digital marketing correctly?

Here are three keys to digital marketing success:

•       Manage your relationships with customers in a variety of media, remember that conversations are now cross-platform.

•       Respond to and initiate dynamic interactions with customers: Answer their questions, talk to them.

Extract Big Data value to make better decisions faster. To be able to respond in a conversation, you must first listen carefully.

What is the difference between Wanna Sherpa and other digital marketing agencies in Malaga?

In one sentence: We really feel your project like ours. And we commit ourselves every day to support your business with the part we know how to do. To do this, we first understand your business and your goals well. Then we try to understand what we can do and what online marketing plans best suits your business.

We are experts in everything that has to do with online marketing and we are constantly searching for optimization of techniques and processes to offer you the best opportunities that exist on the internet.

Why choose Wanna Sherpa for my digital marketing strategy?

Everyone already knows that being on the internet is practically mandatory for any organization. But if you really want to be on the internet you need visibility and not visibility to anyone. Traditional advertising agencies needed a lot of money to meet their clients’ goals.

On the other hand, with online marketing this changes, your business needs visibility before the users who are interested in your organization and, among them, those who want and can buy your product or service: those who are your potential customers.

We seek to help your business find those users who can buy your product and we do it in different languages and across the world. Internet has no borders and neither do we.

What are you waiting for to contact our digital marketing agency in Malaga!

What do we offer to national and international companies?

Our digital marketing agency in Málaga specializes in capturing quality traffic, which is now called digital traffickers. A large volume of quality traffic is the first step to make your internet presence profitable. The second step is to convert that traffic into sales. That is what Wanna Sherpa offers.

Digital Trafficker

Our organic search team will work with the support of the best SEO Premium tools to lift the web positioning of your project. When well oriented, this translates into good results.

Paid Media

As a Google Partner Agency, we have certificates in Google Ads and are experts in Facebook and LinkedIn Ads. We manage your budget efficiently and responsibly.

Social Media

We generate conversations about your brand as a way to create an audience that transforms into traffic to your website. Social network strategies, PPC campaigns, content scheduling, and online media management.


We love digital marketing, and that is why, over the years, we have been adding services, as the projects we have been immersed in have been requesting. If what you are looking for is not listed below, let’s talk about it!


We optimize your results so that your investment, in Adwords and in us, is profitable. Google Adwords certificates.


We generate conversations and campaigns so that you are in contact with people and organizations that add value to your business.


Any action that cannot be measured is a bad action. We are certified in Google Analytics.


Do you have your own marketing department and just need a little help to create your digital marketing strategy? We work with your team.


We write valuable content to attract quality traffic to your page and direct potential consumers to your sales channels.


100% of our clients operate in foreign markets. We carry out transcreation of content and campaigns in different languages.


We create effective email marketing campaigns with the tool, Benchmark


We help our clients build vigorous brands that help them compete in their markets.


Do you need help with web design? We develop WordPress pages, from scratch or from premium templates, that best suit your needs.


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