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Discover and harness the power of your data

At Wanna Sherpa we know that data gives us the best route to the top. Web analytics is the core of your digital marketing strategy. Without data, how can you know what works and what doesn’t?

Digital analytics lets you know what works and what doesn’t on your website and in your content marketing strategy. It can be a complicated task, and there is little margin for error.

Your web analytics Sherpa will work closely with your marketing team to determine your web analytics strategy. This will be based on your unique business objectives and target audience.

Once your goals are set, analytics experts work their magic to obtain metrics on a variety of different KPIs. However, a web analytics Sherpa doesn’t stop there. At WannaSherpa, we continue to work with your business so that you understand not only the details of the data, but also what it represents and why there are important trends.

Web Analytics for your business


Get to know your customers


Improve conversion


Improve UX


Improve brand image


 SEO & SEM strategies


Happy ROI


New business opportunities


Get to know your customers

Frequently asked questions

Common doubts about Web Analytics

Is Web Analytics really that important? and what does it do for me?

Not paying attention to web analytics is like receiving a kilo of diamonds every day. If you don’t know what it is, you might put it away, throw it away, or even ask them not to send you any more because you don’t know what to do with those little crystals that are good for nothing. That is, more or less, what happens with your company’s data and metrics. They are extremely important, as long as you know how to give them the value they deserve.

Web analytics is key to defining your digital marketing strategy, and the basis for knowing what is happening on your website. Leave intuition to the mentalists and inspiration to the poets. Base yourself on facts and data.

So why do I need web analytics?

Simplified to the limit, good use of web analytics yields good data, and good data brings good results. Your decisions will be based on what your customers want and need, so you give them what they ask for and how they want it.

Its benefits are infinite. And if not infinite, the list is very long, so in a very synthesised way we can say that:

– Increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter and find out how many articles they have read before subscribing.

– If we talk about numbers, we have to talk about the number of followers on social networks. Also, find out if what you do likes, convinces and engages.

– Break down the visits; how long they last, what time they usually search for you, what your users do on your website, what content they like the most, what products are their favourite ones and what device they use.

– Improve UX, so the bounce rate plummets. Improve everything from forms to content.

– Optimisation of social media and emailing campaigns, SEO and SEM.

What data can I measure?

Everything. Or rather, everything you need. NASA put man on the moon with less data. The important thing is not quantity but quality. Anyway, here you have both types. The key data you will need to measure are: the number of unique users, average session duration, Cost per Click, Cost per sale, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate and the channel of arrival of the user and source.

Why Wanna Sherpa?

First and foremost, OUCH, doubt offends and almost hurts. We want to be your digital marketing agency because we will take care of you with the care of a mother. We will always look at the person before the numbers. And we know the value of every euro. We are a company that understands companies. People who take care of people.

What about Google Analytics? What´s that?

We’ve seen this one coming, and that’s why we’ve attached here a very complete article that will clear up all your doubts about Google Analytics, GA4 and the coming IT apocalypse (drama ON mode).

What´s a Measurement Plan?

A Measurement Plan is a document that lists in detail the most relevant KPIs in terms of your company’s objectives. For example, if your goal is to improve the number of leads, we may have noted down the bounce rate or check at what point in the funnel your users tend to abandon the page.

What are A/B tests?

This method consists of simultaneously launching two different versions of the same element, usually a landing page. Basically, the aim is to find out which of the two versions is better received by users.

How does web analytics benefit you?

1. Get to know your customers.

It is important to know who you are targeting because you don’t talk to a teenage gap year traveller in the same way as to a retired lady who has worked in a bank all her life. By analysing the structure of the business, we delimit the best KPIs, targets and segments to address. Get to know your potential customers better, their habits, the keywords they use, their favourite products, the search engines they use on which devices and their tastes. If you want to be seen, find out who is looking for you.

2. Improve conversion (+ cost of conversion).

This is the start of a good action/reaction chain. If you identify your target audience, you will identify the source of the leads. Leads are what create conversion and if you know who they are and why they come to you, the conversion rate will go up, lowering the cost of conversion. It will cost you less and less to find customers who, in turn, will bring you more.

3. Improve UX/Web design.

With the data obtained from analytics we can know the user experience, so we can improve the UX experience. Designing an attractive landing page that works, CTAs that convert, building an environment in which the user, if they wish, can easily contact the company to meet their needs and resolve doubts. Knowing how a user wants to see our website is the difference between creating a customer or adding another number to our bounce rate.

4. Improved brand image (+ credibility).

If you have a friend who listens to you when you tell him about a problem, that’s not bad. But if your friend listens to you and then asks you about it, learns what to talk to you about and what not to talk to you about, well, I don’t know about you, but I know who I would call back and who I would buy a beer for.

5. SEO and SEM strategies. 

In order to get the most out of our investment in SEO and SEM campaigns we need to put into practice the data collected in web analytics. Even if SEO is organic, don’t forget that your time is money. So it is better to know what our potential customers search for, when and what channel they use. If we know the keywords they use, the most recurring topics and their motivations, our strategy makes sense and strengthens.

6. Happy ROI.

Improve the return on investment of each of your actions regardless of the channel; web, Social Media or Apps.

7. New business opportunities.

Differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out in your sector with data-driven decisions based on our reports.

8. Nuevas oportunidades de negocio.

Diferénciate de la competencia y destaca en tu sector con decisiones en función de los datos reportados por nuestros informes.

We would love to hear from you to talk about web analytics.

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