If you are reading these lines, it is probably because you want to take a step further in your career. Another option is that you have no idea about the subject and you are simply reading this post because I asked you to. If it’s the second option; hello mum!

However, if it’s the first one, let me help you. We bring you a list of universities which know a lot about marketing, but do you know what you want?

You are passionate about marketing and that is good news in an increasingly interconnected and digital world of work, professional profiles that know how to deal with social networks, SEO, SEM and know how to perform a PESTEL analysis are and will be in great demand.

I’ll spare you the definition of marketing because if you’ve got this far, you’ve already soaked up all the theory on the subject. The question is, what now?

You no longer leave your CV in your local shop, but you drop by an e-commerce shop and leave them your LinkedIn profile. The world is changing, and woe betide you if you don’t change too.

That’s why you need to keep up to date and get involved in the digital world. Whether it’s your first steps or a specialization, studying digital marketing is an idea you will never fail with.

We are going to talk about digital marketing degrees and master’s degrees, lots of them. But remember that we are talking exclusively about universities, although marketing and business schools are a very interesting option.

In fact, Business & Marketing Schools tend to have a bit more of power of persuasion among young people, but we are not going to comment on them because we already talked about them in this article. Take a look at them to get a more global vision of your training options.

If we listen to Forbes, who know something about business, marketing and so on, the three Spanish universities which know the most in this area are: the University of Navarra, which takes first place, the Complutense University of Madrid, which follows in the ranking, and the University of Santiago de Compostela, which closes it.

It is not enough, I know. Also, Forbes has left out some very good ones, but we are going to comment on these three and add our favourite ones, enjoy! Click the headlines to get to the website.

Universidad de Navarra

A private Catholic university where you can study a 4-year degree in Marketing. But it doesn’t stop there, you can combine it with more specific master’s degrees, such as Communication and Creative Business Management or Political and Corporate Communication. They also have marketing degrees that combine different mentions, such as the degree in Marketing + Mention in Creativity, or Mention in Corporate Communication.

To this wide variety must be added the quality of the teaching staff and a very high employability rate.

Universidad Complutense

This university is a public entity in Madrid and offers the possibility of studying both online and face-to-face. In this field of study, it stands out for its own master’s degrees. They are well-known and of high quality. We find the Digital Marketing which is in its twelfth edition with the price of 6,500 euros face-to-face and 4,350 euros online. In addition to Neuromarketing and Consumer Behaviour, which include technologies such as EEG, MEG, GSR, Eye-tracking, Facial Coding and laboratory practices. Its philosophy is “learning by doing”.

Finally, as an interesting option, they have their own Master’s Degree in Marketing Management: Global and Digital Strategy.

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

The University of Santiago is recognised worldwide and its main advantage is its teaching team, made up of more than 60 people in the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing. In it, you can make a digital marketing plan applicable to a real company, from minute one you will know what it feels like when you face real problems and setbacks. USC has its own agreement for optional curricular internships in companies.

You will get certifications such as: Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Inbound Marketing Certification (Hubspot), Google Ads Search Campaigns Certification, Google Tag Manager or Apple Search Ads.

Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

It really hurts that Forbes did not recognise the University of La Rioja. It is the largest Spanish-speaking online university to date, and the one responsible for giving value to this type of education. Although its educational offer is wide, it is worth highlighting its prestigious Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing, which is in its eleventh edition and lasts for one academic year.

In addition to the degree itself, we can take advantage of the large number of workshops that accompany the master’s degree and obtain certifications such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Wordpress or Personal Branding.

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona offers a wide range of possibilities related to Marketing. If you want to take an official master’s degree, you can do it, in person, for one academic year. From it, other options raise which focus more on the field in which you want to specialise, such as the double degree in International Marketing and Negotiation, in which they collaborate with the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon (France).

There is also room for socio-political marketing or, the most recognised, the Master’s degree in Communication and Digital Marketing. The latter is celebrating its fifteenth edition this year and one of its advantages, in addition to its content, is the place where the classes are held; La Casa Convalescencia, a World Heritage Site. The price of this degree is €6,600.

Universidad Camilo José Cela — ID Digital School

This institution offers the Official Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing, Communication and Social Networks for one academic year and 60 ECTS credits for €8950. One of the attractions of this master’s degree, in addition to its professionalism, is that it leads to the study of a doctorate. It also offers a blended mode with the same competencies for a price of €5,800.

Universidad de Alcalá

It has two options related to marketing. Firstly, there is the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing, which takes place over one year and has 60 ECTS online. Its places are limited to 40 students, it is taught online and its price is €2,670.

The second option is the Master’s Degree in Sales and Marketing Management, which has exactly the same characteristics as the previous one, although its content differs.

Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

The Official Master’s Degree, important detail, in Digital Marketing and Social Networks, is the youngest you can find, both in this list and in the market. It was born in 2018 and its acceptance and development speaks of good content and teaching staff. Its objectives are the knowledge and learning of the fundamentals of digital marketing, its tools and channels.

URJC (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)

With its five locations in the Community of Madrid; Alcorcón, Aranjuez, Fuenlabrada, Madrid and Móstoles, the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos has been offering a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees since 1996. In the field of digital marketing we find the Master’s Degree in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Ecommaster, which is taught on a blended basis in Móstoles during one academic year and has 60 ECTS credits.