Stop. Breathe for a moment. We know that all the schools are fantastic, that in the photos all the students are gorgeous and that the teachers are the best prepared. So there’s no way to make up your mind, right?

Well, we have got enough and enough is enough. We have decided to compile what are, in our humble opinion, the best Spanish schools to study digital marketing.

What a few years ago could be a complete unknown for many, today is the cornerstone of thousands of businesses. Marketing as such is less and less heard and, as in so many other things, it has already been conquered by digital.

When your strategy is digital and your values to measure are KPIs, you need great professionals to lead your product to success.

A professional profile focused on digital marketing has gone from being something that added value to being totally basic and non-negotiable.

In this sense, training is the first step towards a professional career that, whether or not it is focused strictly on digital, is going to need your best marketing skills.

Before telling you which are the best digital marketing schools in Spain at the moment, we believe that you might want to consider some aspects to take into account when choosing a school and study.

  • Course, Degree, Master: There are as many study options as work situations. Before looking for a place, decide where you are in your career and which course of study suits your needs best.
  • Syllabus: If you already know, without a doubt, what you want to study and what you want to train in, don’t forget to check the contents of the course you are going to take. Make sure that the subjects and the approach are the right ones and that they are aimed exactly at a profile like yours.
  • Teachers: Teachers are the link between knowledge and you. Research them and make sure that they are up to the task of studying, to your demands and to what they charge you.
  • Structure: In addition to a teaching staff that is up to the task, you need the whole organisation chart to be well defined and for both the classes and the management to be agile. Also, keep in mind that we are talking about digital studies, the materials must be as modern and up-to-date as they promise to be.
  • Job placement: You might already be a professional in the sector and just want to expand your knowledge, but if your plan is to take the first step into the world of work, keep an eye on the job market. You should study their job placement plan; if there is any agreement with companies or any entity that can offer an internship that will lead to a job.

With that been said, clearing up your initial doubts and your ideas, here are the best schools and a small summary that may help you choose. Let the reading begin.

TEKDI Institute

They are specialists in digital marketing. Although you might think it’s a no-brainer, you’ll see schools on the list that teach both digital marketing and business. They have more than 90 courses, certifications and master’s degrees. Their training is completely online and one of their particularities is that they ensure that by dedicating 25 minutes a day to study you can make progress and achieve your goals.

They have their own method, the TEKDI method, which they use for training and which has more than 20 years of experience. They aim to help professionals in the sector, SMEs and entrepreneurs to acquire, through training and advice, the maximum potential in digital marketing applicable to a business. Find all the information here.

Esic Business & Marketing School 

Esic Business & Marketing School is a national benchmark school and one of the leading European and Spanish-speaking schools. They offer training cycles, university degrees, postgraduate masters, postgraduate MBAs and corporate education for companies. It is based in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Pamplona, Bilbao and Granada.

One of its best-known and most popular courses is the four-year degree in marketing, which can be taken on-site in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza. It also has extended five-year and bilingual options. Undoubtedly one of the strong points is the employability rate of its students, which is very high. If you are thinking about it, don’t hesitate to consult their website here.

NETT Digital School 

Business school in Zaragoza with a master’s degree in Digital Marketing, Advertising and Design and a master’s degree in Digital Transformation. The first is taught both in classroom mode and online with videoconferencing. The second one is by videoconference.

Their maxim is adaptability in the labour market, they listen to the demands of companies and apply them to their studies. They offer the knowledge required for a digital creative such as digital marketing, graphic design, web design, UX/UI design, and advertising creativity. Everything you want to know is answered on their website here.

The Higher Institute for Internet Development (ISDI) 

Their goal is to train and prepare people and companies for the digital transformation that will change the world as we know it. They have campuses all over the world in places as diverse as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Harvard. They offer master’s degrees, programmes, seminars and bachelor’s degrees in both Spanish and English. The study offer is very extensive and their areas of knowledge are such as Business, Data & AI, Innovation, Marketing & Sales or Innovation. As for the modality, you can choose between online, face-to-face or a mixture of both called blended.    

If you think you don’t fit in, think again. Because the student profile ranges from young students with no experience in the modality in which they want to train to executives, including entrepreneurs. Don’t hesitate to take a look at their website.

Innovation Business School for Entrepreneurs (IEBS) 

Founded in 2009, IEBS is one of the so-called digital schools with a great reputation. Its academic offer is very broad and tries to cover the most important areas of marketing but also opens its horizons. Thus, we can find official and in-house master’s degrees, postgraduate courses, experts and courses ranging from e-commerce, digital marketing, storytelling, SEO/SEM, human resources, blockchain or E-sports.

Just like its range of studies, the student profile can vary between managers, entrepreneurs, professionals in the sector, SMEs or graduates with no experience. Don’t miss out on its methodology and differential elements because they can make all the difference. All the information you need is available on their website.

IM Digital Business School

With two locations; Madrid and Barcelona, they call themselves the first business school specialising in high performance digital marketing. Their methodology is based on a mix of technical and performance-based learning. The academic offer ranges from courses in digital marketing, digital communication and digital business, to double masters, professional masters and postgraduate courses.

Another attraction is its internship offer and how it connects to the labour market. The Digital Careers department is in charge of connecting students with companies that are looking to cover certain areas of their business. 87% of the students who do the internships are hired by that company.

Don’t miss out and check it out, because it’s worth it, here.

Select Business School

It is a business school that is characterised by its wide range of courses. And when we say wide, we don’t just say that; more than 400 training options. The area of study is as wide as its training options, from Master’s degrees in Communication and Marketing to healthcare, technology and tourism.

The student reviews, of which there are already more than 12,000, are very positive and the ease of being able to study completely from home makes this school a good option for your training. Find out all about it here.


AulaCM is a school from Madrid that, after some mergers and collaborations, has existed as such for 8 years. They offer face-to-face and online courses and they also organise the Pro Marketing Day event, an event aimed at professionals and small companies that want to improve their digital presence. Among the courses offered are SEO (basic and advanced), digital design, digital marketing and WordPress.

In the online modality you will see the recorded classes and you will have tutorials. Their method puts the practical before the theoretical. They are very approachable and their teachers are constantly training to offer quality teaching. Find out more here.


From its campus in Barcelona, this digital marketing school offers three master’s degrees and various online and face-to-face courses. They call their training practical and strategic and their studies are strictly focused on digital marketing. Their masters are on digital marketing, SEO/SEM and Social Media. In addition, their courses cover topics such as Inbound Marketing, Google Ads or WordPress.  

Their teaching methodology is 100% practical as the analysis cases are real. They offer regular webinars in collaboration with companies in the sector. A very attractive school with the clear idea of training future professionals from a practical and dynamic point of view. Here is their website.

CEI School of Design and Marketing

CEI is a public school founded in 1991 with its own qualifications. Its offer is divided into Masters, courses, Higher Degrees or Higher Degrees in the areas of graphic design, web design, marketing, vfx and Motion Graphics, videogames and interiors.

Focusing on marketing, they offer courses, advanced and professional masters, MBAs and higher degrees on subjects related to both marketing and business, such as Big Data. The academic offer is aimed at both those who know nothing about the digital world and professionals who are looking to perfect techniques and methods they already know. Take a look at CEI.