SEO or not SEO, that’s the question.

Is that the question? sure? Don’t you prefer to think about other things like, let’s see which company offers me the cheapest internet connection, or does Ray McQueen have life or car insurance?

But questioning SEO is like questioning whether or not to be visible. It is basic. It is essential. Ask yourself WHAT the best SEO plugin for WordPress might be. That’s it, that’s what I am talking about. Now you are using your head.

Remember that what we are looking for is to increase traffic to your website organically. Without SEO many of your strategies won’t hold up. So you must implement it and do it with the best tool.

With an SEO plugin you should be able to enter metadata on pages, customise titles and headings, research main keywords and optimise images.

How to choose the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

Before you start looking for the best plugin, think, which one is the best for me? Because you might choose the most complete and complex one, but it turns out that two days ago you thought that SEO was an app to count steps; a walk with my SEO. So find the balance between your experience, knowledge and plugin quality.

If you have hours of experience in the subject, choose one with advanced options, if not, choose one that makes use of an intuitive and simple process with keywords, metadata, schemas and if it lets you create XML sitemaps, all the better.

Cost is a very important aspect. You don’t have to pay to get a very good product. Most of the ones you will see in the list are freemium. That means it’s free but if you want to get much more advanced options, then you have the option to pay for them. Free + Premium = Freemium. These marketing people are just awesome.

  1. Yoast SEO

5 million websites use it. 10 years of experience. Let free way to the champion. Long live the king! May he be crowned with the laurel wreath. This plugin is the team quarterback. The popular guy in high school. Who wouldn’t want to go to the SEO dance with this big man?

He’s not the most popular because of his pretty face, he’s the most popular because of all the features he brings and how easy he makes our lives. Here’s a button to prove it. You have a meta box for all your pages and content to set your keyword, meta description and canonical URLs, among other things.

By being able to customise page titles, headings and meta descriptions, you can assign a different title to the entry, or to the title of the page header. This way we can vary the keyword.

Being able to create a meta-description means that it will appear in search results, thus encouraging your users to click through. It also has its well-known readability analysis, which gives you clues about aspects to improve in your posts.

Other features:

  • • Advanced XML site maps
  • • Schema markup
  • • Breadcrumbs
    • Support for ‘noindex’ content
  • • Title and meta description templates
  • • Language support
  • • Access to free Yoast courses
  • Freemium

If you didn’t understand any of the above features, read on, don’t panic. Breadcrumbs is also known as navigation control (some romantics also call it Ariadne’s thread). It is a small piece of text, usually at the top, that indicates where the user is on the website.


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The premium version, starting at $99 per year excl. VAT, includes advanced tools such as internal link suggestions, content information and a redirect manager. It offers additional support for news, video, local and Woocommerce SEO. It can also redirect old URLs to new ones avoiding 404 error pages. But if you don’t believe us, take a look at their page.  

Yoast offers an easy to use but powerful SEO toolset, with very useful features in both the free and premium versions. But beware that it is not the undisputed king. Those who come behind are pushing hard and questioning the reign of this plugin. Shall we continue to discover more resources?


+Popular tool

+Data editing

+Schema implementation

+Link suggestions


-Premium version is a bit expensive

-Only 1 keyword per page in the free version

  1. All-In-One SEO Pack

This is the first alternative to Yoast. After installation, it works like wonderfully. For beginners, the All-in-One SEO Pack comes with a good range of pre-configured settings so you don’t have to worry about anything. A sitemap of your content is automatically generated, and there are additional image and RSS sitemap options available.

Automatically generates meta tags and optimises your titles for Google. It allows control of URLs, and comes with a handy redirect to help users avoid 404 pages.

Its TruSEO function checks keyword phrase, meta description, links and content length. It then scores you on how accurate the text is and gives you tips on how to improve.

Advanced users will be able to customise their experience and dispense with the automatic functions. You can make use of the Robots.txt editor. All In One SEO Pack comes with its own API so that other plugins and themes can extend its functionality. It is also optimised to work with WooCommerce.

Other features:

  • • XML and RSS Sitemap support
  • • Picture SEO
  • • Schema markup
  • • Advanced canonical URLs
  • • AMP support
  • • Duplicate content detection
  • • API support
  • • SEO for e-commerce

Premium versions start at $49.50 per year. In them the functions are increased and we find options such as a news sitemap module or advanced SEO options for Woocommerce. Discover them all on their website.

Overall, it is a great plugin that covers the basic needs of users without complicating anything. It offers numerous useful tools to be able to do everything your website needs to get a first class SEO.


+Essential features

+Easy for beginners

+Redirect manager



-Priority support for premium

-Basic subscription allows use on one site only

  1. Rank Math

Introducing the first plugin to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the world of SEO. We can be very grateful to it for being the pioneer, or we can blame it the day the machines rebel against humanity. In that case, I’ll send my toaster to attack the CEO of Rank Math, the true source of evil.

It features an incredible number of tools, superior to any other SEO plugin, and they are easy to use. The question now is, do you need them? It includes an intuitive setup wizard and automation features that will delight the inexperienced.

It integrates with Google Search Console and incorporates a 404 monitor to resolve errors and improve the user experience. Its system is module-based so you can use it easily, quickly and without overloading your site.

If you are one of those who already know what it’s all about, you will find a custom configuration. You can configure different pages, headers, meta-descriptions and the layout of your site.

Other features:

  • • Schema markup
  • • Support for an unlimited number of keywords
  • • Redirect manager
  • • Local SEO
  • • Advanced SEO audit
  • • Breadcrumb optimisation
  • • Internal link suggestions
  • • XML sitemap
  • • Picture SEO
  • Freemium

Premium versions are also available from $59, excluding VAT of course, to $499 per year. To make sure you don’t miss any details and in case you need it, we leave you here their page with the premium plans.

In our opinion, this is a very powerful tool with very strong features but easy to use. In general, these first three plugins are different in small details, and only the habit, way of working and tastes of each user can make a real differentiation possible. There is no way to lose out on the choice.


+Complete and easy

+Advanced installation option

+Complete features


-More tools than necessary (looking for something wrong)

  1. Squirrly SEO

One of its strong points is the real-time SEO analysis and the fact that it is created for beginner users. As you write, it optimises the content for the chosen keyword and thus outperforms your competition.

For those professionals who already know all this might find it a bit slow and lacking an extra step of content and effectiveness. This does not mean that it is a big disappointment, far from it, but it can be seen that your initial intention was not the big companies.

If you decide to switch plugins after reading this post and move to Squirrly SEO, it will transfer all the settings you had in your previous plugin. It is also able to measure your user engagement and suggests how your CTR (if you’re struggling with acronyms, here‘s a hand).

Other features:

  • • Schema markup
  • • Custom Robot.txt for site crawlers
  • • XML Sitemap
  • • Social media monitoring
  • • Free coaching sessions
  • • Advanced e-commerce features
  • • Google Analytics integration
  • • Noindex’ options.
  • Freemium

If you want access to the more advanced features, the price starts at $20.99 per month and you can check out all it has to offer, which is not little, here

Visually it’s clear and interesting. They don’t waste your time with little messages, they simply use the colours red, yellow or green in the blocks to let you know what works, what needs improvement and what doesn’t work.

It’s a very interesting plugin, especially if you’re just starting out, and its features are as useful as they are easy to use. From tracking your site across 170+ search engines to showing you how your pages will look when shared on social media.


+Real-time SEO advice

+It offers great control over your site and its performance

+Easy and useful

+Real-time analytics


-Interface can be seen as handy or poor, depending on your eye

-Free version somewhat limited

  1. SEOPress

Very complete plugin but somewhat less popular than its cousins mentioned above. With it, you can manage redirects, parse content based on keywords or build your custom XML sitemap.

It is fully integrated with Google Analytics so tracking is a breeze. The analytics tool will be your Jiminy Cricket giving you tips to improve your post writing.

Its default settings are the perfect tool for those with little previous experience to get started without headaches. The settings are customisable, though, so if you don’t belong to this group, you can set it to your own style and start working your own way.

SEOPress covers all the important basics, from the page title or URL of each individual page, to creating meta-persuasive meta-descriptions. It also features auto-generated sitemaps and HTML navigation.

On the other hand, and we see this as a positive, it focuses more than other plugins on social networking. It uses Facebook’s Open Graph and Twitter Cards. Even in the free version, it has a number of URL rewriting and redirection tricks.

Other features:

  • • Dynamic titles and meta descriptions.
  • • Intuitive configuration wizard.
  • • Custom canonical URLs
  • • Support for an unlimited number of keywords
  • • Picture SEO
  • • Social media monitoring
  • • Noindex’ support
  • • Free SEO tutorials
  • Freemium

Premium version starts at $49 per year without tax, which ends up being about $59. Perfect for multiple sites and includes advanced features for WooCommerc and breadcrumb optimisation. Your purchase price will be whatever you keep on renewing. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can see for yourself right here.

SEOPress is a WordPress plugin capable of offering a wide range of options for all users. It may even surprise you, but what you see is real, it works great and its tools are useful. We keep giving you headaches to choose the best option.


+Free version full of features

+Focus on social media

+Advanced Pro options

+Good Pro prices


-Some premium features are free elsewhere.

-Their support, tickets, may not be the fastest you’ve seen.

  1. WP Meta SEO

WP Meta SEO allows you to control meta titles, meta descriptions and all the general features of this type of plugin. It also includes a sitemap, as well as optimising images by editing their metadata to improve SEO.

It has a breadcrumb generator and, watch out, it has a broken link checker and can apply redirects accordingly.

Other features:

  • • Intuitive configuration wizard.
  • • Social media monitoring
  • • Broken link checker
  • • Breadcrumbs
  • • Picture SEO
  • Freemium

The pro version for $49 adds more massive management tools, such as a meta duplicate and sitemap link checker, an automated 404 error index, and custom email reports. You can find it all here

While the WordPress SEO plugins named so far focus on day-to-day operation, this one focuses on large-scale management. So this could be your perfect solution if you have a large site where you want quick and easy management of your SEO.


+Website management

+SEO Manager

+SEO Picture

+Social media monitoring


-No Google keyword suggestion in the free version

-Support is ticket based only