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If you want to get a greater number of visits to your website or blog, at Wanna Sherpa we have the experience that your project needs so that your company can achieve a good search rank and can reach potential customers. We have the means and knowledge necessary to make your website climb on Google SERP and increases the number of visits every day. We keep this idea in mind; it’s not about the audience, it’s about customers. We work hard to create quality traffic that can become customers to improve the profitability of your website.

What is SEO and why do I need it for my company?

What is SEO and why do I need it for my company?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – And what is a search engine? Well, a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing …

According to Wikipedia, Internet search engine optimization, search engine optimization or web optimization is the technical process through which changes in the structure and information of a web page are made, with the aim of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines. It is also common to find the English name, search engine optimization, and especially its SEO initials.

Web page administrators and content providers began to optimize websites in search engines in the mid-1990s, as soon as search engines began to catalog the first Internet. In the beginning, sites like Yahoo! they offered the inclusion to the sites that requested their own indexation, which was manual.

SEO is one of the “disciplines” of digital marketing that has changed the most in recent years as a result of the different changes that Google has been introducing to try to make the results of your search engine as natural or organic (as they are know in the sector) possible. Although there are thousands of factors on which a search engine relies to position one page or another one could say that there are two basic factors: authority and relevance.

The Authority is basically the popularity of a website, the more popular a page or a more valuable website is the information it contains. This factor is what a search engine takes more into account given that it is based on the user’s own experience, the more a content is shared, the more users have found it useful.

Relevance is the relation that a page has to a given search, this is not simply that a page contains a lot of times the term searched (in the beginning it was like that) but that a search engine is based on hundreds of factors on -site to determine this.

SEO On-site

On-site SEO is concerned about relevance, making sure that the web is optimized so that the search engine understands the main thing, which is the content of it. Within the On-site SEO we would include keyword optimization, loading time, user experience, code optimization and URL formatting.

SEO Off-site

Off-site SEO is the part of SEO work that focuses on factors external to the website we work on. The most important factors in off-site SEO are the number and quality of links, presence in social networks, mentions in local media, brand authority and performance in search results, that is, the CTR that our Results in a search engine. Surely you are thinking that all this is very good and that it is very interesting but that you are here to know why you need SEO on your website and what benefits you will get if you integrate it into your online strategy.

SEO can be differentiated in whether or not we follow the “recommendations” of the search engine

For example, black hat is the attempt to improve search engine positioning of a web page through unethical techniques that contradict the search engine guidelines. Some examples of Black Hat SEO are Cloaking, Spinning, SPAM in forums and blog comments, or Keyword Stuffing.

The black hat can provide benefits in the short term, but it is generally a risky strategy, without continuity in the long term and that does not add value.

White Hat SEO

It consists of all those ethically correct actions that meet the guidelines of the search engines to position a web page and the search results. Since search engines give greater importance to pages that best respond to a user search, White Hat understands the techniques that seek to make a page more relevant to search engines by providing value to its users.

Why is SEO important?

The most important reason why SEO is necessary is because it makes your website more useful for both users and search engines, although the latter are becoming more sophisticated every day, they still cannot see a website as a user does. human. SEO is necessary to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful for users. Therefore, if you want to have a presence for your business you need to contact an SEO agency in Malaga.

How do search engines work?

A search engine travels the web crawling with what are called bots, these bots go through all the pages through the links (hence the importance of a good link structure) just as any user would do when browsing the content of the Web, move from one link to another and collect data on those web pages that they provide to their servers. The tracking process begins with a list of web addresses from previous crawls and sitemaps provided by other web pages. Once they access these websites, the bots look for links to other pages to visit them. Bots are especially attracted to new sites and changes to existing websites.

It is the bots themselves who decide which pages to visit, how often and how long they will track that website, so it is important to have an optimal loading time and updated content.

It is very common that in web development you need to restrict the crawling of some pages or certain content to prevent them from appearing in the search results. For this you can tell search engine bots not to crawl certain pages through the “robots.txt” file.


Once a bot has crawled a web page and has collected the necessary information, these pages are included in an index where they are sorted according to their content, their authority and their relevance; This way, when we make a query to the search engine, it will be much easier to show us the results that are more related to our query.

Our SEO agency in Malaga has the necessary knowledge so that your company appears in the top positions of Google.

How do we work on search engine optimization?

Whether you have a small business-oriented to local sales or an international company, our web positioning agency in Malaga will be in charge of creating an attractive website for Google taking into account from the main factors, web architecture, indexing, crawl Budget, reviewing the contents so that they are interesting to users and Googlebot. In addition, we will work to improve the authority of your page every day thanks to quality backlinks generated one by one and the optimization of the internal link architecture.

Our SEO agency in Malaga works on organic results based on the best premium tools in the market to ensure that your website reaches the highest notoriety in Google searches.

In Wanna Sherpa we have numerous success stories as an SEO positioning agency both at the international SEO level and local SEO.

We audit your corporate website

We analyze your business, your sector, your search engine competition and your target audience

We develop your SEO digital marketing strategy and search optimization

We execute the proposed changes in web design

We monitor the evolution day-by-day and we report monthly

We optimize monthly based on the results obtained

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We would love to hear from you to talk about your SEO goals.

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